Quartz Banger with Rainbow Effect - 14mm Male Fitting

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Quartz Banger with Rainbow Effect - 14mm Male Fitting - 45 Degree Angle - Flat Top & Bottom

 Banger from Black Leaf® made of very heat-resistant quartz glass for dabbing concentrates such as oil and wax. This banger is made of particularly beautiful iridescent glass. Bangers have meanwhile established themselves as the most popular utensil for dabbing because the distance to the grinding allows the underside of the banger to be heated particularly easily, evenly and well without the risk of the grind breaking so quickly.

✔️️ Convenient and quick heating of the underside

✔️️ Reduces the risk of ground joint fracture

✔️️ Efficient evaporation

In a banger, the smoke can develop particularly well due to the higher walls. The additional use of a carb cap (smoke dome) with which the air supply can be controlled optimizes the smoke development even further. The use of dab pearls is also recommended here. Because they rotate particularly well in a banger (assuming sufficient size) and thus further heat up the vaporization. 


Size: 34mm Tall / 14mm Male Joint