Quartz Banger with Bowl & Carb Cap Marble - 14mm Male Fitting

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Quartz Banger with Bowl & Carb Cap Marble - 14mm Male Fitting

Terp slurper banger from Black Leaf® made of very heat-resistant quartz glass for dabbing concentrates such as oil and wax. The terp slurper differs from conventional bangers above all in the unique taste experience. The side air slits of the banger ensure flawless circulation and due to the bottom pan, nothing gets burnt or lost. This terp slurper is directly equipped with the matching carb cap marble.

✔️️ Air slits for perfect circulation

✔️️ Matching carb cap marble included

✔️️ Most efficient evaporation for intense flavour

For dabbing extracts, both the inside of the banger and the bottom pan can be used. Once the extract is dabbed onto the heated banger, it circulates in the banger until it is completely evaporated.

The additional use of a carb cap (smoke dome) with which the air supply can be controlled optimizes the vapor development even further. The enclosed ball, also called a dab marble, completely closes the banger. As a result, inserted dab pearls rotate particularly well during inhalation and thus further heat up the vaporization vigorously. This way, you get the most flavourful and richest vapor even from small dabs.

For an optimal dabbing experience, we recommend only using bongs with a draw tube diameter of up to 40mm maximum.

Size: 55mm Tall / 14mm Male Joint