Puffco Travel Pack for Proxy Vapourizer - Bloom

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Puffco Travel Pack for Proxy Vapourizer - Bloom


The Puffco Travel Pack Bloom is a must-have for customers with Proxy Vaporizers. This product is specifically designed to enhance the vaping experience on the go, with features that prioritize convenience and protection.

The Puffco Travel Pack Bloom includes a silicone backpack that serves two important purposes. Firstly, it provides additional storage space, allowing users to carry extra essentials such as concentrates or other vaping accessories. Secondly, it offers scratch protection, ensuring that the vaporizer remains in top condition despite regular use.

To enhance the vaping experience, this pack also includes a Proxy Ball Cap. This innovative accessory features 360° directional airflow, resulting in more consistent hits. With the Proxy Ball Cap, your customers can enjoy smooth and satisfying vapor production every time they use their Proxy Vaporizers.

The Carb Cap and Tether offered with this pack are crucial additions for avid vapers. These accessories help keep the extract in place and prevent any spillage or wastage. By using the Carb Cap and Tether, your customers can enjoy their vaping sessions without any interruption or mess.

Hygiene is also prioritized with the inclusion of a Mouthpiece in this pack. This component not only protects the glass tip of the vaporizer but also ensures a more sanitary sharing experience. Customers can enjoy using their Proxy Vaporizers without worrying about germs or cleaning issues, as the Mouthpiece takes care of it.

When it comes to providing a complete and optimized vaping experience, the Puffco Travel Pack Bloom for Proxy Vaporizers leaves no stone unturned. Its high-quality materials, functional design, and attention to detail make it an essential accessory for any vaping enthusiast.


*Puffco Proxy not included