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Puffco Proxy - Portable Extract Vapouriser

  • 3D chamber technology
  • 4 temperature settings
  • elegant and ergonomic
  • removable base

The new Proxy from Puffco offers innovative design and advanced technology in one. The modular system allows you to use different glass pipes with the same removable base.

The 3D Chamber: cutting-edge heating technology

Inside the 3D-Chamber, the oil evaporates not only at the bottom but also at the side walls. This is particularly gentle on the oils and extracts, ensures an even draught and enhances the aroma. The set temperature in the 3D-Chamber can be maintained even more precisely by the electronic control and the glazed ceramic bowl is easy to clean.

Four temperature settings, intuitive operation

The Proxy has four temperature levels that you can set by simply pressing on the side of the base. The respective level is indicated by a coloured light ring, from blue (lowest temperature) to green, red and white (highest temperature). So you can easily choose whether you want more aroma or more steam. A short double click starts the heating process and the light ring pulsates. When the chamber has finished heating up after about 30 seconds, the coloured ring flashes and the base vibrates. Now you can already treat yourself to the first pleasurable hit. Of course, the Proxy also offers you a boost mode. Simply activate it by double-clicking again directly after heating up.

Easy to clean, handmade glass pipe

Each proxy glass pipe is handmade and therefore slightly different from all others. The head fits ergonomically in your hand and the mouthpiece is very comfortable and cool for your lips. Since you can easily remove the base, the pipe is very easy to clean. Just put it in isopropanol for a while and then rinse it thoroughly. The chamber can also be cleaned in an isopropanol bath, but you must never use water afterwards! As soon as everything is dry again, you can put the chamber back into the base and the base back into the pipe - off you go!

Short charging time

The battery of the Puffco Proxy is already fully charged after about 90 minutes and can heat up the Chamber about 15 times completely. If you forget to switch off the Proxy, the clever auto-sleep function takes over and saves power for the next session. The Puffco Proxy's battery is fully charged after only 90 minutes.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Base
  • 1x Chamber
  • 1x Glass pipe
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 5x Dual Tool
  • 1x Bag