Puffco Joystick Cap for Proxy Vapourizer - Bloom

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Puffco Joystick Cap for Proxy Vapourizer - Bloom


The Puffco Joystick Cap for Proxy Vaporizers Bloom is a must-have accessory for smokers looking to enhance the vaping experiences.

The Proxy Joystick Cap, a premium product that provides unparalleled performance. With its precise 360º directional airflow, this cap ensures consistent heating, resulting in bigger clouds and better flavour. You will love the enhanced taste and denser vapor production that this cap can deliver.

Crafted from shatterproof stainless steel and silicone, the Joystick Cap is highly durable and built to withstand daily use. Its design is not only stylish but also practical, as it is easy to clean, maintaining optimum functionality and ensuring a long lifespan. No more worrying about reclaim clogging up your device and affecting the airflow – this cap prevents that from happening.


*Puffco Proxy not included