PieceMaker "Kolt" Miss Pinky Glow Silicone Bong - 23cm (Ø40mm)

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PieceMaker "Kolt" Miss Pinky Glow Silicone Bong - 23cm (Ø45mm)


The Kolt™ has a compact, travel-friendly size and is modeled off Samuel Colt’s PeaceMaker, the “Gun that Won the West.”  It features a pistol grip and trigger-action carb.


“Blaze Your Own Trail” with the flexible and awesome water pipe ‘Kolt’ made of best silicone from ‘PieceMaker’, USA!

This is a great piece, suitable for daily use, traveling, fishing or taking with you for the zombie apocalypse. With no glass pieces, just Food-Grade silicone and a Stainless Steel bowl, you can fold this up, shove it in a pocket, and defend yourself from walkers.

The downstem has been engineered to showcase PieceMaker’s Hex-TEK™ high perc technology.
More bubbles = More fun

Specifications of PieceMaker Kolt Miss Pinky Glow Silicone Bong - 23cm (Ø40mm)


  • Brand: PieceMaker
  • Model: Kirby
  • Material: Food-grade Silicone
  • Color: Pink
  • Motive/Design: Glow in Dark Colour
  • Print: PieceMaker-Logo
  • Height: 233mm
  • Diameter: 78/40mm
  • Grind: Plug Chillum
  • Percolator: no
  • ICE: yes
  • Kickhole: yes
  • Oil: no
  • Info: Diffuser Chillum L 104mm