PieceMaker Kali - Black Silicone Bong - 21cm (Ø45mm)

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PieceMaker Kali - Black Silicone Bong - 21cm (Ø45mm)

“Blaze Your Own Trail” with the flexible and awesome water pipe ‘Kali' made of best silicone from ‘PieceMaker’, USA!

This is a great piece, suitable for daily use, traveling, fishing or taking with you for the zombie apocalypse. With no glass pieces, just Food-Grade silicone and a Stainless Steel bowl, you can fold this up, shove it in a pocket, and defend yourself from walkers.

You could always swap out the downstem for glass (but WHY?), remove the stem and replace with an SG 19 accessory of your choice. With kickhole for the greatest hit!

Specifications of PieceMaker Kali Kwest Silicone Bong - 21cm (Ø45mm)


  • Brand: PieceMaker
  • Model: Kali
  • Material: Food-grade Silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Print: PieceMaker-Logo
  • Height: 215mm
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Grind: Plug Chillum
  • Percolator: no
  • ICE: yes
  • Kickhole: yes
  • Oil: no