PAX Bud Kups - Loading Capsules - 3 Pack

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PAX BudKups - 3 Pack


BudKups 3.0. are reusable capsules that can be filled with up to 0.35 grams of herbs. They're constructed from medical grade stainless steel and function as both the herb container and screen at the same time. The capsules can be pre-loaded with dry herbs for safe transport and are easy to both insert and remove.

Not only do the BudKups 3.0 make loading quicker and keep your vape cleaner, but they also improve the heating. The high number of holes on both the base and the lid improves the airflow and increases the surface area by 170% resulting in a better vaping experience and quicker heating time.



  1. Fill up the BudKup with your dry herb.
  2. Remove the metal screen from your oven chamber
  3. Replace the screen with your loaded BudKup
  4. Heat up the unit and use as normal


3 BudKups