Mad Kush 2in1 Stoner Boardgame

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Introducing MadKush, the ultimate two-in-one party board game for stoners who love to have a good time with friends!

Featuring two different sides of the board, MadKush offers an innovative and dynamic game experience that's perfect for your next smoke session.


Get to the Coffee Shop Before Your Friends!

On one side of the board, players must race to get to the coffee shop before their friends. This exciting game is full of surprises and challenges that will keep you on your toes, and with six amusing mini games included, you're sure to have a blast.


Play MadKush for an Elevated Game Night!

The other side of the board is more strategic and competitive, with the objective being to line up all four pawns at the end of the board before your rivals. Along the way, you'll encounter interesting stops like "Hustler," which lets you move a co-player forward or backward, and "Weed Leaf," which requires you to take a puff.


But that's not all - MadKush also comes with a grinder, so you won't have to stress about not being able to roll a joint. And with 24 pawns, a die, and a rulebook included, you'll have everything you need for a fun and exciting game night with your friends. Get ready to experience the ultimate game for stoners with MadKush!