Jroll X10 All-In-One Grinding, Mixing, Weighing and Rolling Device

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Jroll X10 All-In-One Grinding, Mixing, Weighing and Rolling Device

The perfect cone at the press of a button!

Weigh it out

Use the built-in scale and measure with precision, for perfectly uniform cones every time.

Remove the lid from the Jroll X10, add your material and the display will show the weight in grams.

Grind away

The daily grind has never felt so good. Simply open the lid, toss in your herbs and let them spin. The Jroll X10 will never over-grind your goods.

Mix & Match

Mix it up your way. With the Jroll X10, you can consistently recreate your favourite blend of herbs each time.

Roll it up

Born to Roll, the X10 prepares up to 10 perfectly filled pre-rolled cones, and comes with adjustable height and stack settings.

Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy, with a simple press of a button!

Running low?

The number of lit LED lights on the Jroll X10 correspond to the number of pre-rolled paper cones you have left so you’ll know when you are running low.

Removable (J)tubes

The Jtubes are versatile. Easy to load, easy to remove and easy take with you. Simply pop on the cap and they’re ready for an outdoor adventure. Don’t worry in case you lose one, Jtubes will be made available separately.

Lock Mode

A sigh of relief for when you are away! The Jroll X10 features a lock, which can be activated as needed and de-activates all functions.

Jroll X10 App

The X10 is wireless enabled! You can roll remotely 

Comes with:

  • Jroll Case
  • 10 Jtubes
  • Grind & Mix Unit
  • USB-C Charger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Year Warranty

*Please allow up to 1 week for delivery