Grace Glass - Pearl Series - green- H: 30cm

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Grace Glass - Pearl Glass Bong - Green - H: 30cm

This green Beaker Bong from Grace Glass, made of high quality heat proof borosilicate glass, is an amazing piece of glass art that can offer you a smashing hit!

It comes with a beaker base tube and a chillum connecting to a bowl through a sure ground of 29.2mm diameter. It includes also a kickhole with a rubber carb stopper, for enjoying a different toke angle, and some ice noches that hold a few cubes, cooling this way your smoking.

With the Grace Glass logo featuring in the middle of the tube, the whole set-up ends up with some glass beads beautifully shaped all around your extra thick mouthpiece on top.

Shape: Beaker
Thickness: 7mm
Socket: 29.2mm
Ice: Yes
Number of Perculators: 1
Perculator: Chillum Sixshooter
Diameter: 50
Height: 30
Color: Green


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