Grace Glass - "Angry Cat" bong H:27cm - 3mm Thick

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Grace Glass - "Angry Cat" bong H:27cm - 3mm Thick

This impressive piece from Grace Glass  is a Beaker Style Straight Bong blown in 3mm thick high quality borosilicate glass with Angry Cat decals on it.

It has a height of 27 cm and comes equipped of 3 ice notches for smoother sessions and a diffused downstem of 18mm and a bowl with handle of 14mm.

It also has an optional kick hole for an alternative toke angle.

Shape: Beaker
Thickness: 3mm
Socket: 18mm
Ice: Yes
Number of Perculators: 0
Perculator: Chillum
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 27cm
Color: Pink / Black

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