Clear Machine - Vanilla - 60g

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Clear Machine - Vanilla - 60g


CLEAR MACHINE Version 2.0 - New great look - proven effectiveness, tested by us! Do you feel tired, worn out and sluggish? Then give your organism a reset with the refreshing effect of CLEAR MACHINE the diabetic instant drink powder with vanilla flavour. It contains particularly high doses of B vitamins and creatine for a quick freshness kick. This makes it an optimal food supplement for athletes and especially vegetarians and vegans, as creatine does not occur at all in plant foods.

✔️ The refreshing reset for your body

✔️ Doses many times higher than comparable products

✔️ Easy und quick to prepare in the can

✔️ Vitamins B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid und creatine flush out toxins

✔️ Produced und bottled under strict hygiene regulations in Germany

✔️ Prevents creatine deficiency in vegetarians und vegans

✔️ Feel "as if reborn" again for 5 hours

Each can CLEAR MACHINE contains 5 consumption portions of 12g each, which makes 500ml of instant drink. Each 12g portion contains 4.2mg vitamin B1, 4.8mg vitamin B2, 6mg vitamin B6, 18mg pantothenic acid and 2.4g creatine. Thus, the daily requirement of these nutrients is covered many times over. And therefore one can is enough even with a body weight of more than 80kg!

To ensure that the refreshing effect of CLEAR MACHINE can unfolds optimally, please follow the instructions exactly. This is written on the inside of the outer label on the can, see brown arrow. We recommend after consuming CLEAR MACHINE to support the cleansing process by drinking 1-1.5l water.

Caution: This instant drink should not be drunk before medical examinations/screenings to avoid possible falsification of the results.