How to Roll a Hemp Wrap / Blunt

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How to Roll a Hemp Wrap / Blunt

How to Roll a Blunt / Hemp Wrap

The old fashioned blunt is synonymous with smoking. These days many cannabis lovers want to avoid tobacco using tobacco, even if it’s just a wrap. The solution to this is the Hemp Wrap!! 
Basically, hemp wraps are blunt rolling papers made from hemp. Not only does this mean that you’ll be smoking a blunt, free from tobacco, but one with all the cannabinoid goodies included. 
One of the most asked question I get about hemp wraps is “how do I roll a hemp blunt?”


Here’s a super easy guide to rolling a Hemp Wrap.

  1. Grind up your cannabis flower.

  2. Flatten the hemp wrap on your tray and place your ground up flower on top of it.

  3. Add your tip/roach

  4. Roll the wrap between your fingers like you would with a traditional joint.

  5. Tuck and wrap up your blunt, adding lots of moisture to the folded edge.

  6. Add extra moisture where needed to close any gaps in the join.

  7. Pack in your material by lightly tapping the roach end on a hard surface

**Top Tip – Use a sugary drink to seal your hemp wrap. Use a small bit on your finger and rub it along the join to seal it.


Pre-rolled Hemp Cones

These are an easy way to enjoy a blunt without the hassle of rolling. You simply fill up the pre-rolled cone and enjoy!!