Rolling Paper Size Guide

Rolling Paper Size Guide

Rolling Paper Size Guide

Rolling papers are available in lots of different sizes, materials, thicknesses, colours and flavours.

In this guide we look at the most common sizes available.

Single Wide - These are the traditional size of rolling papers. They’re generally around 70mm in length and 37mm wide. These are very common for all kinds of smoking. They’re just the right for a pinner.

1 1/4 - These papers hold more than the single wide papers. They’re around 79mm in length and 43mm wide. The extra size makes it easier to make more of a cone shape when you roll. They can be stuck together to make an Old School “L Joint”

1 1/2 - The 1 ½ papers are wider than the 1 ¼. They’re still 79mm long, but 61mm wide, giving you the extra width to roll a short fattie!

Kingsize Slim - Kingsize Slims are the most popular paper sold. They’re 110mm long and around 43mm wide. This allows for a long, thin roll, straight or in a cone shape.

Kingsize Slim - Kingsize are the largest standard paper size available. Like the Slim version, they come in at 110mm in length. The extra width (52mm) allows for 25% more material, making them great for smoking in groups.

rolling paper size guide