Thug Life Recycler Bong Special Series (Green) - H: 24cm

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Thug Life Recycler Bong Special Series (Green) - H: 24cm


The Thug Life Recycler Bong Special Series (Green) made by Grace Glass is a beautiful little recycler bong or bubbler made of high quality glass.

Because of the shape and size of this little recycler bong, it is a very good bong to use as a dab rig. All you need to start smoking concentrates is a (separate) dabbing banger or oil nail, and you've transformed your Thug Life recycler into a true dab rig. This bong also has no kickhole or carbhole, which is something that many smokers prefer on smaller bongs and especially dab rigs. So to clear the bong (inhale all smoke), you can lift up the bowl or slide to draw in fresh air and remove all smoke from the bong.

The bowl or slide that is included with this bong has a large capacity for herbs and has a universal SG14 (14,5mm) connection or joint size. This allows you to use basically all other bong accessories such as bowls, dabbing bangers or ash catchers with a 14,5mm joint size on this bong.

Thanks to the percolator through which the smoke enters the water chamber combined with the recycler system that drastically improves the cooling and filtration of the smoke (and creates a super cool visual effect), this waterpipe will give you an extraordinarily comfortable smoking experience. The smoke is much less scratchy and more tasty thanks to these parts, and coughing will be reduced to a minimum (or... you can simply take much larger hits to cough anyway, if you want). The splash guard rings leading up to the mouthpiece prevent any water from getting into your mouth while smoking, and at the same time make the bong look very pretty together with the light-green details throughout the glass.

Socket: 14.5mm
Number of Perculators: 1
Carton: 100pcs
Height: 24
Color: Green
Diameter: 44
Shape: Bubbler
Perculator: Special
Bent Neck: Yes