Quartz Banger with Flat Top & Base - 14mm Male Fitting

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Quartz Banger with Flat Top & Base - 14mm Male Fitting


This flat top banger from Black Leaf® is for the really fat dabs. It is made of very heat-resistant quartz glass.

✔️️ Unbeatable heat storage

✔️️ No run up of the extract

✔️️ Intense flavor experience

With the extra wide base and the double quartz bottom, the banger can optimally store heat and stays hot longer. The capacity of this banger is generous, even larger dabs can be vaporized here without any problems. The widening at the lower end prevents the extract from running up. In addition, terp perls rotate particularly evenly thanks to the rut. In addition, we recommend the use of a carb cap. This way, the air supply can be controlled to really heat up the evaporation. The result is a particularly full, very flavorful vapor.


Size: 38mm Tall / 14mm Male Joint