Puffco Peak Pro

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  • New version with enhanced features
  • optical and haptic feedback
  • Great vapour quality
  • configurable via app

Puffco Peak PRO - in a class of its own! With the predecessor model, Puffco has already proven that their devices play in the upper league. The Peak PRO, a further development of the Peak, shines with even more features than its predecessor. Whether beginner or experienced dabber - the perfect choice for everyone.

Four preset temperature settings

With the four preset temperatures (254 °C, 266 °C, 277 °C and 285 °C), even the beginner can achieve excellent results. A lot of knowledge of using nail and torch etc., as with some other appliances, is not required. Whether you want to get the maximum steam or the optimum flavour out of your extract - the Peak PRO has an option for every variant. With the app, you can also define, refine and save the temperature ranges with their corresponding lighting colours (blue, green, red, white) yourself and thus adapt them to your individual requirements - perfect enjoyment guaranteed! Real-time monitoring of the temperatures, the choice between 4 lighting programmes incl. Stealthmode and Dab statistics are also possible via App.

Ready for use in just 20 seconds

The Puffco Peak Pro heats up in just 20 seconds - no more waiting, just quickly available enjoyment. Thanks to the intelligent temperature monitoring, the Peak Pro automatically detects whether your bowl is still hot enough. No matter how much extract you have used or how strongly you inhale, this important function ensures a particularly even vapour development. It's also very practical for sesh mode, when you use the device extensively with friends in a cosy group.

Highest vapour quality and haptic feedback

As soon as the Peak PRO reaches the desired temperature, it informs you with a short vibration and allows you to optimally time the ideal hit. The volume of the jar has been increased by around 40% and can therefore handle larger quantities of your favourite concentrate. The new Oculus Carb Cap provides a more direct airflow with strong swirling of the vapour. Now you can even watch! The shape of the glass top has also been further refined, it holds more water and the more pointed shape better prevents the inhalation of water droplets. Steam with higher temperatures is also effectively cooled down and allows for an intense aromatic experience. The Puffco Peak PRO comes with a modern USB-C port for charging and can do up to 30 dabs on one charge. Alternatively, you can also charge the Peak PRO via a docking station with integrated battery (not included) approx. 2x by cable or 1x wirelessly.

Technical details:

  • Charging via USB-C or optional docking station
  • Battery power up to 30 dabs / 1700 mAh
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Water filtration
  • 4 preset temperature settings
  • Bluetooth
  • Light and temperature settings via app
  • Temperature monitoring via app
  • New Oculus Carb Cap
  • approx. 40% larger crucible in Atomizer
  • constant temperature monitoring in the bowl
  • haptic feedback
  • Width foot approx. 7 cm, height approx. 18 cm
  • approx. 220 g
    *Please allow up to 1 working week for delivery.