Black Leaf Titanuim Nail

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Black Leaf T2 Titanium Nail

This ´Black Leaf T2´ Oil Nail made of heat-resistant titanium grade 2 fits on bongs with Male or Female 14 & 18mm joints. 
The oil nail sticks out laterally and makes it easier to heat the nail and keep the heat away from the bong. It is a so called ´domeless´ nail which works without a dome.
Titanium is the most preferred material when break resistance is concerned. It heats up quickly and keeps the heat for a long time.

The pan is heated with a butane burner, until the metal is red hot. Let the nail cool down a little bit until the glowing disappears and then add your oil/concentrate to the pan. A suitabel carb cap dabber can be held above the nail to collect the smoke before inhaling. 

Attention: The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the joint can break and cause the expansion of the material.