Black Leaf Black & Grey Bong - H: 40cm

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Black Leaf Black & Grey Bong - H: 40cm

Robust beaker bong from the Black Leaf® brand with tree percolator in an eye-catching, multi-colored striped design! 

Features: ✔️ Slotted diffuser chillum plug-in system ✔️10-arm tree percolator for mild hits ✔️ Ice chamber for even cooler hits ✔️ Made from 7mm thick glass tube ✔️Kick hole with silicone plug 

Thanks to the wall thickness of 7mm and the bi-stable grind, the ice bong is very robust. The diffuser slots swirl the air and the bong water vigorously when inhaling, this cools the smoke while filtering it at the same time. The tree percolator creates even more turbulence and therefore even more smoke cooling. For an extra kick of coolness, you can fill the ice chamber with ice cubes. The funnel-shaped head for herbs has a rather large opening. Although the herb head has a wide handle to easily pull it up using the lift-off method, you don't have to, because there's a kick hole which is conveniently equipped with a silicone stopper. The mouthpiece has pleasantly rounded edges. A perfect bong for all occasions!

MaterialBorosilicate glass
Colour: Black
Print: Black leaf logo
Height: 400mm
Diameter:  130/51mm
Standard Grinding:  18.8mm/14.5mm
Wall thickness: 7mm
Percolator/Diffuser: 10-arm tree percolator
Ice: Yes
Kickhole: Yes, with stoppers

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