€45 Monthly Smoke Supplies - Subscription Box

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€45 Monthly Subscription Box
Smoking Supplies worth Over €60 Delivered to your door Each Month!!

This box is designed for a regular smoker, with everything you need to enjoy your flower all month long.
This set also includes 2g of CBD Flower or Hash with every order, so you can explore the many wonderful strains and flavours available.

Monthly Box Includes:

  • 10x RAW Classic Kingsize Slim Papers (32 Leaves per Pack)
  • 7x RAW Classic Tips (50 Tips per Pack)
  • 2x Clipper Lighters (random pick)
  • 2x Packs of Flavoured Hemp Wraps (Blunts - Random Pick)
  • 2x Packs of Delicious Sweets (100g each)
  • 2g of CBD Flower (different strains chosen each month) 
  • *** Monthly Mystery - Worth  €10 ***



To subscribe to the monthly box, please complete this purchase and you will receive your first box straight away. You will then be sent a monthly order based on an agreed date.